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Yantai KZ Mining Processing Technology & Equipment Inc. was founded in 1997. Now it is a stockholding high and new technology enterprise to provide “Turn-key Solution for Mineral Processing Plant” including design and research, machine manufacturing, equipment procurement, management service, mine operation, mine materials procurement & management as well as industry resources integration.

mud industrial wastewater standard duriron filter pressduriron filter press features 1.the principal part adopts stainless steel as its material and possesses high strength. it is rust less. 2. the filter cloth imported from swiss, to provide the best performance and long service life. 3. air chamber type automatic deviation correction device is set to assure stable running of the filter clothfilterpress megalith matec americathe filter press can be equipped with an automatic washing system for plates and cloths. the system is composed by one valve and one system of pipes on the mud head side of the filter press, and discharging valves on every single plate.automatic filtering membrane chamber filter pressthe membrane filter press can realize fully automatic operation with flexible device, such as belt conveyor, drip tray, cloth washing system etc. chamber filter press takes filter cloth as the medium to separate solid and liquid. it is a separating machine with wide rang of particle size.automatic chamber filter press for wastewater treatmentautomatic chamber filter press is an ideal equipment for solidliquid separation, it is widely applied to many industries,such as municipal wastewater treatment, metallurgy, leather sludge etc, it can also work with conveyor and feeding pump,high efficiency,saving time and labor cost.filter presses autemisemiautomatic filter press / sapf series this kind of machine represents the basic version of the filter presses supplied by autemi. the opening and closing steps of the filtering pack are executed by acting on the electric control panel with apposite button which controls the moving ofautomatic clothwashing membrane chamber filter press fromautomatic clothwashing membrane chamber filter press. tianguan automatic membrane filter press has many advantages, such as high squeezing pressure and long lifespan of membrane, etc. it provides two ways of squeezing air squeezing and hydraulic squeezing, which can satisfy a variety of needs in different industries.

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filter cloth washing device for filter presses msefilter cloth washing device for filter presses. the industryleading filter cloth washing system from mse filterpressen is a device that uses plc logic controls to ensure fully automatic cleaning of filter cloths without operator intervention. the cleaning is done using water that is sprayed on the surface of the filter cloths at a high pressure. the washing trolley is a frame construction which moves on track rollers and guide rails and is coupled to the automaticestimated reading time 3 minsautomatic hydraulic filter press used for filtering syrupthe automatic filter press is intermitten filter equipment,filter press suitable for solidliquid separation.the separation effect is good and easy to use. filter plates are pressed by pressing devices and pump feed the mud into the filter chamber. solid and liquid is seperated through filter cloth.enprotec filter press enprotecenprotec filter press. the fully automated filter press provides the lowest possible cake moisture at the lowest capital and operational cost. enprotecs filter technology has an installation footprint in excess of 70 filter presses in south africa alone across most of the countrys major mining and processing operations.automatic cloth washing filter press nmp filter pressautomatic cloth washing filter press features automatic high pressure filter cloth washing, pressure, rinse clean. closed brush design, scrubbing effect is significant, the washing water will be to the washing area, reduce the amount of external discharge. close high pressure flushing, to overcome the water pressure loss, save energy.automatic filter cloth washing system from micronics incmicronics industryleading automatic filter cloth washing system helps extend filter press cloth life and may be installed on new filter presses as well as press retrofits. plc logic controls allow for automatic plate movement and filter cloth washing without operator intervention. micronics cloth washing systemestimated reading time 1 minauto cloth washing for improved filter press cloth performancemicronics automatic cloth washing system helps extend filter cloth life and may be used with both sidebar and overhead bean presses. micronics automatic cloth washing system may be installed on both overhead filter presses and sidebar filter press models and plc logic controls allow for both automatic plate movement and cloth washingestimated reading time 3 minsautomatic cloth washing filter press_automatic clothautomatic cloth washing membrane filte specifications capacity 630l40m2 materials tailings10%14%,coal17.5%20%, wastewater treatment35%50%, chemical20%26%, please contact us for more other industires. applications

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filter press for sand washing sludge treatment lzzgworking principleproduct featuresthe structure of filter presswhen the filter press is operated, the sludge is discharged from the feed inlet into the filter cylinder and is moved to the discharge port by the push of the spiral shaft rotary vane. the pitch is gradually reduced, so the pressure of the sludge is also increased, and the pressure difference is started to be dehydrated, and the water is from the fixed ring and the activity. the annular piece is filtered out of the gap, and the filter press depends on the selfcleaning function between the fixed plate and the movable plate, and thechoosing the best filter press cloth type materialwe like to think of filter cloth as the key ingredient, the secret sauce to a filter press operation! critical considerations in the selection of filter cloth include its resistance to blinding, ease of filter cake discharge, resistance to chemical attack, thermal properties, abrasion resistance, particle retention, and more.th filter press, flushing strainer, filter pressthe t.h. (tecnicas hidraulicas) fully automatic filter press offers a cost effective and robust solution for the demanding operating conditions found in the environmental, mining and mineral industries.with the growing demand for the elimination of slimes dams, this product will find its rightfull place in this competitive market due to its low capital and operating costs.tips for operation and maintenance belt filter press for4. guarantee enough filter cloth washing time ,when stop the belt filter press operation, all the inner side, especially the filter cloth should be washed completely to guarantee all the surface 100% cleaned to decrease the filter cake corrosion or when the filter cake dried will be hard to clean it away from the filter cloth surface.automatic membrane filter press operation procedurefilter cloth washing and tidying up clean the filter cloth regularly according to nature of filter material. fuel tank presses the filter plate tightly after filter cake discharging, and it leads the pressure plate to go back to its original place. start the filter cloth washing machine and clean the filter plate one by one.auto filter pressthe auto filter pressfully auto control system; easy operation; high work efficiency; it contains automatic cloth washing system, which is designed for the customers who have requirements on cloth washing work, this function save labor cost and improve the work efficiency highly. 1)feeding pressure 0.62.0 mpa, hydraulic compressing, automatic

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